STEM in the Field of Family Research A common question is “How do science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) relate to family research?” STEM offers us an incredible gateway to improve our understanding of who we are through discovering our family beginnings, recording, and digitizing family heritage, and connecting with other families around the world. … Read More

young women in historic picture

Connections Matter

Preserve the Legacy Ozella Carter Harris & Mary Kate Carter Links to our past can connect us with one another, as the past has shaped who we are today. We can learn a lot about past cultural influences and their current relevance to our communities through preserving historic African-American cemeteries. Such preservation facilitates the discovery … Read More

Martin Luther King Jr Monument

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!

As I sit and contemplate the celebration of his special day, I think of his important contributions to our society. Dr. King was a Drum Major for peace, nonviolence, freedom, and human dignity.  Our world today is so full of violent hatred and unrest.  As I continue to sit in deep thought, I recall the … Read More

She is Not Alone

I SEE YOU LUCY… a grey weathered stone still protruding from damp leaves and pine straw covered grounds still standing in defiance to the elements of time. A parcel of land overgrown, down trees, and cleared of all vestiges of love ones final resting places. A cemetery of enslaved and freeman within a private owners … Read More

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